Professional Diploma in Humanistic Buddhism and LOHAS Industry

01 Mar, 2023


Hosting Units: 

  • The Centre for Humanistic Buddhism (CHB) of the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

  • Fo Guang Vihara Hong Kong


Course Objectives:

  • To educate people to apply the wisdom and philosophy of Humanistic Buddhism and LOHAS lifestyle for their better life.

  • To equip working talents with interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of Humanistic Buddhism for their career at non-profit organizations and associations, and organizations related to LOHAS industry.


Course Curriculum:

1. Humanistic Buddhism Curriculum (12 courses)

Core Courses (8 courses):

  • An Introduction to Humanistic Buddhism
  • Buddhist history
  • Humanistic Buddhism Theory and Practice
  • Webinar Series on Life Application of Humanistic Buddhism I
  • Buddhist Culture I
  • Buddhist Culture II
  • Buddhist Culture III
  • Webinar Series on Life Application of Humanistic Buddhism II 

Elective Courses (4 courses): Four Elective Courses related to contemporary issues of Humanistic Buddhism

2. LOHAS Industry Curriculum (4 core courses)

  • LOHAS management
  • LOHAS Innovation and Technology
  • LOHAS Interdisciplinary I
  • LOHAS Interdisciplinary II


 Language of Instruction

The programme is conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese. Course materials and assessments will be in Chinese.


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