Message From the HSUHK President

We are very happy to be one of the important partners of Fo Guang Shan in their grand global business. The Humanistic Buddhism Life Application Study Center jointly built by some teachers of Hong Kong Hang Seng University (Evergrande) and Hong Kong Fo Guang Taoist Temple is The third Buddhist-related center among universities in Hong Kong, and the first in Hong Kong to focus on applied research and study of Humanistic Buddhism. The center does not just hide in the school to do academic research and write academic papers, but hopes that the spirit of humanistic Buddhism can be applied in many situations, work, life, and society. This is the vision of the center. Combining Evergrande's school motto and philosophy, with the spirit of erudition and practice, we are committed to becoming an important platform to promote the application and practice of Humanistic Buddhism in the Greater Bay Area, promoting world peace, social harmony, family harmony, self-respect, and self-harmony Joy is the task. I believe that the future of the Center will bring more compassion, wisdom and happiness to Hong Kong society.

Message From the Chief Abbess(HK, Macau & Shenzhen)

The establishment of the Centre is a tribute to everyone’s effort. Master Hsing Yun once said education improves the way of living and the quality of life. We strive to sustain a culture that nurtures our virtues and the interconnectedness of one another as we know, wealth and fame are not the measures of happiness, knowledge and inner peace. Ultimately, with the teachings of Buddha, we hope that the Center for Humanistic Buddhism can really apply what the Buddha said, what people want, what is purifying, what is good and what is beautifulo to make our society a place of great bliss and peace.

Everything is auspicious, may your body and mind be clear, Provide a ladle of water